Combestone Tor

This was just a quick impromptu visit to a tor on Dartmoor whilst driving back from Exeter, after all the moorland scenery is far better than the A38!! This tor sits right beside to road that leads from Holne to Two Bridges, so a quick stop in the car park and a wander and then a sit for 10 minutes is an easy task! Perfect way to spend a bit of time.

Combestone Tor 1

Combestone Tor

Combestone Tor 2

A couple of Dartmoor ponies infront of Combestone Tor

Combestone Tor 3

Great views down to the Dart Valley and the the tors around the Warren House Inn

Combestone Tor 4

Looking west to the areas around Two Bridges with North Hessary Tor far left

Combestone Tor 5

Sunshine over Rippon Tor, back left. With The River Dart and valley below

Combestone Tor 6


Combestone Tor 7

Told you it was a short walk!!! Ryders Hill rises up behind the car park

Combestone Tor 8

One last shot through the summit tor rocks towards Bellever Forest


2 thoughts on “Combestone Tor

  1. It’s great isn’t it how easy it is to get to some fantastic places that are just off the roads on Dartmoor. I love those granite tors: nature’s sculptures.


    • This one has to be one of the best ones, the views from this tor are exceptional, and only a walk of 40 metres!! Sharpitor near to Princetown is another, you walk about 120 metres for that one but the views to Cornwall are worth it!

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