Sunset on Combestone Tor

I’d had a day in Exeter on a course, as I’d been a naughty boy when driving a smidge too fast on the Llanberis Pass on my trip to Snowdonia back in early June (see here). As a result I’d had tea in Exeter before heading back along the A38. The weather was gorgeous and a bright idea of a sunset on Dartmoor was founded. After having never been to Combestone Tor until a few weeks ago, I visited again, so twice in a matter of months!! The sunset was lovely and only my second good one this year with my camera.

Combestone Tor sunset 1

Looking across the Dart Valley to Sharp Tor and Yar Tor

Combestone Tor sunset 2

Nearing the end of the day

Combestone Tor sunset 3

Sunset from the top of Combestone Tor

Combestone Tor sunset 4

Looking north along the Dart Valley

Combestone Tor sunset 5

Dying embers. The mast on North Hessary Tor can be seen to the left on the sun

Combestone Tor sunset 6

Going……… Great Mis Tor is the tor to the right of the sun now

Combestone Tor sunset 7


Combestone Tor sunset 8

Down Ridge rises on the left as Combestone Tor frames the orange sky. Time to head home.


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