Burra Tor

A quick evening walk in the area around Burrator reservoir, taking in some of the smaller tors at the southern end of the reservoir. This is an ideal walk for when you haven’t much time and the views are brilliant as you walk along the old railway track above the reservoir. This walk also summits the tor which gives its name to the dam and reservoir, however the views are not that impressive from here as the trees cover the views in all directions. Still its better than being at home!

Start – Quarry car park Burrator
Route – Claig Tor – Old Princetown railway – Road around Burrator – Burrator damBurra Tor – Quarry car park
Distance – 1.75 miles    Start time – 5pm     Time taken –  45minutes   Highest Point – On the old railway above Burrator 275mertres
Weather – Blue skies and sunshine
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


Quarry car park, with Sheeps Tor sticking up above the trees


Its a short walk to Claig Tor from the car park and you get these views along Burrator reservoir to Leather Tor in the sun


Wigford Down in the other direction


Sheeps Tor up to the left with Sheepstor Church and village in the valley


Now out along the old railway path


With these great views across the reservoir to Leather Tor up on the left


Sheeps Tor opposite


Into the woods and this is the Devonport leat, here the water is removed from the leat and sent into the reservoir via a pipe and waterfall which I will pass later.


Leather Tor up on the left and Down Tor centre as I come out of the woods onto the road


From the same spot looking to Sheeps Tor, with Down Tor far left


This is the other end of the pipe as the water tumbles down the rocks and on into the reservoir


From the dam, across the reservoir with Peek Hill and Leather Tor up on the left


In the trees, over a stile at the other end of the dam is Burra Tor itself


Looking down through the trees to the dam and the reservoir


Back on the dam at the end of the walk, looking down the outflow which is the River Meavy


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