The last one, Brent Tor

I’m still not sure why I left this one until last on my list, and having walked to Quintins Man last week, I thought at the time that I should have made that one my last. However here I am. The last one on my list of 287 Dartmoor tors, hills and rocks that I wanted to walk. I will add that there are a fair few more out there, but they are the ones in trees, the lesser tors I think they are called. 287 is my list and this one is the last new one I will climb. I hadn’t planned on climbing it today, it was supposed to be tomorrow (in fact it was 5 hours ago as I type this), however the stage was set for a sunset as I wanted that to be my last backdrop. I just made it, arriving in the car park about 25 minutes before sundown, however the view east was a bit hazy, meaning a re-visit is needed (always the plan anyway!!). So, how does it feel to finish, I have to say that I am actually very happy with myself, being type 1 diabetic this sort of thing holds a risk and I’m pleased that I can do my bit to proving that it isn’t an obstacle (Sir Steve Redgrave admittedly proved that beyond reason already!!). So that is that. Now it is time to do it all again, in a different way, with different conditions. Time to do some of my favourite spots again and visit places I’ve neglected too much recently. As far as lists go I still have the Wainwrights to do in the Lake District, I’m on 89 of 214 for that list, so plenty to do. Thank you all for reading this chapter, and here’s to another, happy walking to you all.


No need for a map or table on this walk. The car park is behind me and the tor is there, 10 mins away


The sunset is shaping up to the west


Its a bit hazy to the east over Gibbet Hill


On a clearer day I can imagine this is a stunning spot


The sunset from the top


The Church of St Michael of the Rock


Inside the church


Lovely Devon countryside


Services are held here on a Sunday from Easter until Michelmas


Gibbet Hill as the light fades


Sunset and time to head down


Back where we started, which is a good way to say lets do all the tors again!! My last one Brent Tor


From the drive home I stopped to take this one from the other side


5 thoughts on “The last one, Brent Tor

    • Absolutely, in fact I’ve just booked a week in April up there. Plus I’ve got another week in August and October tucked away. Should give me at least 25 more Wainwrights this year with any luck!!

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