An autumnal walk around Meldon Hill and Kes Tor

The weekend weather had changed from the bright blue skies and sunshine of the week before. The forecast suggested a dry day on Saturday before rain came in a teatime, with Sunday being a complete washout. As it turned out the weather on Dartmoor was ahead of time by around 4 hours as the rain came in around 1pm. That fine rain, that soaks you through!! However this walk had been planned for the autumn, lots of tree line lanes, tracks and lonnings. Some hills as well and the village of Chagford for refreshments. It all came together and only at the end with the walk, back over Nattadon Common, that I started to really get a bit damp now tree cover had been left behind. The section from Kes Tor to Chagford was particularly good with some lovely colours in the trees. One to remember for next year.

Start – Meldon Hill parking
Route – Meldon Hill – Thorn – Yardworthy – Frenchbeer –  Frenchbeer RockMiddle Tor – Kes Tor – Little Kes TorLeigh BridgeTwo Moors WayChagford Bridge – Chagford – Nattadon Tor – Nattadon Common – Weddicott –  Meldon Hill Parking
Distance – 9 miles    Start time – Midday     Time taken –  4hrs 20mins  Highest Point – Kes Tor 437metres
Weather – Started cloudy with the odd break through of sun, then the cloud dropped and the drizzle started

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Starting out up to Meldon Hill, tying my boot laces whilst looking across here to the Hameldown area of tors

Its only 10 minutes to the top of Meldon Hill, but you get this great view to Cosdon Hill. There are around 5 outcrops at the top of Meldon Hill, all worth an explore as they give good views to each side of the hill

The sun was breaking through here as I look to Haytor and Rippon Tor

Chagford. I’ll be down there later

Chagford again as I wind through the lanes off Meldon Hill

Golden trees around every corner. I also grabbed a few apples from the orchard on the left (they made a top apple crumble when I got home!!)

I wasn’t going to mess with this fella

Meldon Hill through a gate. I’d taken the wrong lane and was heading past Hole Farm, which is behind me,  rather than straight for Frenchbeer. Not to worry the Mariners Way/Two Moors Way path will take me back to the right place

Now to get back on track I head right through the farm along the Mariners Way

Nice little bridge, over the South Teign river as it comes out from Fernworthy Reservoir

Reaching Frenchbeer I see these. Now I didn’t tell them that they wouldn’t be here if I came back in January!!

I didn’t have a couple of quid change, nor did I think the farmer took contactless so I closed the gate!!

Up on Frenchbeer Rock now and Dartmoor proper. That’s Thornworthy Tor over there, but beyond that it looked pretty misty, grey and grim

Short walk up to Middle Tor is next

On Middle Tor now and again Thornworthy Tor behind and Stonetor hill further right. But that was as far as I could see. I had a sit under the overhanging rock on Middle Tor and had a brew

Frenchbeer Rock from Middle Tor

Again it wasn’t far to get to Kes Tor, but the weather was closing in further if anything. That’s Batworthy corner down there and the odd hill coming out of the mist to the right (Buttern Hill I think that is)

Middle Tor left and Thornworthy Tor right from Kes Tor

Dropping down gave a slightly clearer view, I’m on Little Kes Tor now looking back up to Kes Tor

Meldon Hill where my car is parked, first I’m off to Chagford

Along this lonning. This section of the walk along these lanes down to Chagford was brilliant

A glorious scene at Leigh Bridge

Holystreet Manor

Chagford Bridge. I took a brief detour to see this before heading into Chagford

Chagford church

The main street in Chagford. This is a lovely village with 4 pubs, spoilt for choice I took my time and chose the Ring O’Bells this this and the last seat near the fire. A drink and a dry off and I was away again

Up there in the undergrowth is Nattadon Tor, the climb up here from Chagford hasn’t got any easier since my last go at this one. Its pretty steep

Nattadon Tor and what should be the view down to Chagford and the surrounding fields. If anything the weather was getting worse

Past Weddicott I took this last photo back to Nattadon Common. A great walk which if the sun had shone would go on the best walks of the year for sure


2 thoughts on “An autumnal walk around Meldon Hill and Kes Tor

    • I was toying with the idea of going to Lustleigh Cleave as well as that’s a really good walk through woodlands, but I hadn’t been to Meldon Hill for ages and Chagford has some really good pubs

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