Boulters Tor in the murk

Not much of a weather window and to be honest I wasn’t exactly leaping out of bed and rushing around to coerce the boys to be up and at ’em. So by the time we left, the half reasonable weather window was passing. At least driving out of Plymouth meant that it stopped drizzling and although we spent 2/3rds of this walk in the clouds, we yapped and laughed our way around. The only issue was the way down, now I’d been this way once in the opposite direction and easily found White Tor, but in the clag heading down I wasn’t overly convinced I was heading the right way, even though we were on the path the whole way from Stephen’s Grave. Luckily a lady and her dog came the other way to assure us we were heading to Cudlipptown, we then hit Smith Hill Tor just after to confirm we were indeed correct. It was good to be out for a short time and considering the current day situation, we are never sure from day to day, what may happen.

However I’m always a person that looks at things with perspective and I’m pretty analytical at the same time, so being in a high risk category (type 1 diabetic and very mild asthma) and also wary of my past history with depression, I need to stay active and outdoors every now and then (once or twice a fortnight). Now I’ll be sensible to stay within my limits, but that is always my walking philosophy, I’ll be isolated as I rarely walk with anyone anyway, the odd exception is my boys. So I’m in a quandary about what the next 4 months holds, for me I will head out, I need the space in my head. I’ve looked at the stats and 2500 people each day commit suicide worldwide (WHO stats for 2018), that’s more than this virus has got near, yet we are so blase about things that have been around for a while now and that the media don’t give a crap about. I can walk from my door as well which is good. We need to be mindful about others and ensure they stay well and not just worrying about being in possession of enough pasta to feed 100 Italian weddings.

Start – Peter Tavy parking
Route – Smearn Down TorsBoulters TorSetters RocksStephen’s GraveSmith Hill ClapperSmith Hill Tor – Cudlipptown – Peter Tavy
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 2.15pm    Time taken – 1hr 45mins    Highest Point – Stephen’s Grave 375metres
Weather – Cloudy and then in the clag up higher!!


Smith Hill map

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF

Peter Tavy church, we’ve just stepped out of the car and are heading up Smeardon Down

The ghostly shape of Brent Tor in the distance and Gibbet Hill to the right

Peter Tavy from the climb and the valley holding the River Tavy in the distance

My eldest passing one of the Smearn Down Tors

And more ahead as we head into the low cloud

Just after Smearn Down Tors we hit Boulters Tor, time for a chocolate bar and onwards

Misty Boulters Tor

Down at the track which will take up to Stephen’s Grave we look back at Furze Tor, one that has been on and now off my list, its not much of an outcrop and is barely a pitching wedge from Boulters Tor, so its off now

Spooky trees down spooky lane

We walked past Setters Rocks without stopping to reach Stephen’s Grave. In good weather the views west from here are brilliant

Starting the descent, along the walled lanes back to Cudlipptown

The clapper bridge on Smith Hill, my eldest went for an explore but we were staying on the lane down behind me

Smith Hill Tor under the tree, we were heading behind me further down the lane. A lady had walked past with her dog to confirm we were on the right path to Cudlipptown

Lane lane out of Cudlipptown

Lambs in the fields around Peter Tavy. The lamb at the back caught in a blurred leap!

We cut across a farmers field (naughty) to miss out on more road walking and hit the path green path back to the car, we walked up to Smearn Down Tors left of the picture. The boys are running by now, keen to get back to the car

9 thoughts on “Boulters Tor in the murk

  1. Really not sure what to do about walking. Like you I feel I need it to stay healthy and sane. I’ve been out the past few days, local routes that I know are quiet, hardly any other people around. Also I’m heading out at 6am to fit a walk in when the hills are deserted, back home in time to start work. I’m now feeling anxious about being out all, handling gates and stiles etc. Really not sure what to do for the best.

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    • There’s a walk I can do from my door, but to be honest I’m saving it for a few days time for when I need it most. I’m right on the edge of Plymouth, so a few hundred metres and I’m in farmland and only a couple of miles to the sea. Taking it day by day, I was out yesterday but feel that might be it for Dartmoor now, until whenever


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