Wembury Wood, Warren Point and Langdon Court

So far this walkdown I’ve found myself improving on walks I did in Lockdown 1 or combining a couple of those walks together. Anything really to have some variety to things. It still makes me laugh (or is it groan) when people ask what you are doing at the weekend. The answer, well not much different to any other day, staying in and watching the telly, same as everyone else. This weekend I did manage two good walks, one with the boys and this one. The weather was pretty decent, it looked as though I may have a great day, with perfect weather, but a thin layer of cloud sat all day across the sun providing a watery haze to some of the photos which was nice. The walk through Hollacombe Woods and then Wembury Wood is a great path. The point at which the path reaches Cofflete Creek is probably the highlight of the walk, although the coastal path section from Warren Point is also excellent. I did this walk last April (here) and as mentioned just tweaked the walk back home slightly to take in Langdon Court as well to provide a different ending. I have one more good walk route planned for my next outing and then I’m not sure, possibly a short drive to open up a bit more of South Hams possibly, we’ll see.

Start – Home

Route – Staddiscombe village – Hollacombe – Hollacombe Woods – Wembury Wood – Hele Armshouses – Clitters Wood – Warren Point – South west Coastal Path – Wembury Beach – Wembury – Langdon Court – Staddiscombe village

Distance – 10 miles    Start time – 9.30am    Time taken – 5hrs 20mins Highest Point – Hollacombe 116 metres

Weather – Watery sun, mild

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF
One of my normal first photos on walks from home. Dartmoor in the distance
Across the fields looking towards Hollacombe
And back the other way towards the masts at Staddon Heights
These fields aren’t too bad with mud at the moment, but with the amount of rain due and the increased usage of these paths due to lockdown they will probably get worse
On the last couple of fields before you get to Hollacombe you get a decent view across to south Dartmoor, with Three Barrows and Lee Moor the highest parts
Lee Moor is dead centre on this photo
Last week I followed the path across the fields below towards Spriddlestone, this week I’m staying in the woods on the right
Heading along the woodland path through Hollacombe Woods and Wembury Wood which was muddy in places
Lovely little bridge as I close in on Cofflete Creek
It can be difficult some times to do justice to a view or the conditions, it was glorious here. I sat here for 20 mins or so, having a coffee and watching the tide mark lower and the water flow in the direction of this picture, more and more areas of muddy estuary appearing. There wasn’t a sound apart from the odd gull. This is Cofflete Creek looking in the direction of where the River Yealm joins it on its way to the sea
Looking the other way up Cofflete Creek. In one of the trees far left of photo is a egret in the tree but I couldn’t get a decent shot of it with my zoom.
Reflections creek style
Leaving Wembury Wood now, the only issue with visiting the spot in the previous photos is the steep climb up and away from the creek. Western Beacon, in the distance, is the most southerly point of Dartmoor
Lee Moor left all the way to Western Beacon across the fields as I start heading towards Warren Point
The last of the fields before you get to Wembury. The Hele Almshouses are on the left and I’m passing them next
Hele Almshouses
Lovely scenery looking down in the direction of the River Yealm, I now walk along the road for a short section the through a gate into the National Trust section of Warren Point. The main path heads down that way however I turn of left through fields towards Clitters Wood
Clitters Wood and the Yealm estuary. Newton Ferrers is on the other side of the river. Last time I was here this view was very hazy due to the warm weather
Clitters Wood path
The path through the woods gives some great views along the Yealm
Before long you are at Warren Point, which is just along there by those Pine trees. That’s the Mewstone out to sea and the River Yealm joining the English Channel
Looking back along the Yealm
The Mewstone always looks good from here, Wembury beach will be just after where the rocks lead out into the sea and Rame Head in Cornwall is just behind the tanker in the distance
Now I’m not drunk but for some reason when sitting down I’ve got the horizon a bit wonky, either that or the Eddystone lighthouse (the Douglass lighthouse) will soon be sliding east a bit. That lighthouse is about 12 miles away from here. You can see the rock where the old Eddystone lighthouse used to sit next to it, that would have been Smeatons lighthouse, the base stub is still there, the lighthouse now sits on Plymouth Hoe as the people of Plymouth paid to have it moved there as a thanks to all the lives saved by the lighthouses there.
St Werburghs church, the Mewstone and Wembury beach. Plenty of surfers in the water today
I walked away from the beach along a bridleway and picked a path that took me towards Langdon Court
And here it is, Langdon Court, normally a fancy hotel and wedding venue
Plenty of green fields here
The sun was remaining behind clouds with watery rays casting a glow
The old Staddiscombe village as I work my way around to join the path at the end of yesterday’s walk with the boys
First one last great view through the gap to Rame Head
The WW2 pil box and cars parked here on my left. No doubt there to allow easy access to the track down to Bovisand that we walked up yesterday. Showing that with nothing open to entertain the masses, they will congregate instead in the outdoor spaces because it is not healthy to stay in 24/7

2 thoughts on “Wembury Wood, Warren Point and Langdon Court

  1. You are lucky to have the coast walking distance from home, a real escape valve in these difficult times. Some really nice views and paths (muddy now I guess). Mind you, having a coffee, surely a picnic and against the rules! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah the coastal path is working so far, although I think I need to mix it up next and head a 5 minute drive away just to get a different landscape. The paths were muddier this weekend just gone for sure, but then again more people are using them as well. As for the coffee I’d have loved to see them follow me down the path to were I stopped 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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