Tavy Cleave and Cut Hill

The weather was set to be good (and it was absolutely superb) and I fancied somewhere new and ticking off a place that I’d looked at before from above but never been through. I also thought that I could bag a couple of higher tors that I had yet to visit. I’d had good recent practice of boggy walking on last week’s walk around Sittaford Tor however the walking underfoot was better than I expected and only the area around Sandy Ford and Amicombe Brook was boggy. The walk up to Fur Tor was impressive and the views from there are amazing. I was pleased I chose to come back via the top of the Tavy Cleave to look down on my outward path and the great views.

Start – Lane End
Route – Nat TorTavy Cleave – Watern Oke – River Tavy – Fur TorCut HillLittle Kneeset – Amicombe Brook – Rattle Brook – Tavy Cleave Tors – Sharp Tor (Tavy Cleave) – Ger Tor – Lane End
Distance – 9 miles    Start time – 10.50am     Time taken – 6 hrs    Highest Point – Cut Hill 604m
Weather – Sun and lots of it, perfect.
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Cut Hill 1

Starting out from Lane End, Ger Tor up on the left, which will be my last tor of the day

Cut Hill 2

Wheal Friendship leat

Cut Hill 3

Green and pleasant land from Nat Tor

Cut Hill 5

Looking into Tavy Cleave from Nat Tor, I had to jump the leat to get onto the path that heads into the Cleave

Cut Hill 6

Following the leat into the cleave

Cut Hill 8

The start of the leat as it splits from the River Tavy

Cut Hill 9

The River Tavy, it was lovely and warm here

Cut Hill 10

Loving it here

Cut Hill 11

You feel completely away from it all, it can be rough walking through this cleave but it has a magical quality 

Cut Hill 12

I can recommend the pool on the right for a spot to swim, Tavy Cleave Tors above

Cut Hill 13

Out of the cleave now and walking across Watern Oke, that’s Fur Tor ahead

Cut Hill 14

Still following the River Tavy heading to Sandy Pass, Fur Tor dominates the view ahead

Cut Hill 15

Plenty of long grass here made walking tricky, I’ve crossed at Sandy Ford and I’m taking a looping route up to Fur Tor following the brook/river coming down from South Tavy Head, here I’m looking back to Hare Tor

Cut Hill 16

Fur Tor summit with High Willhays in the distance

Cut Hill 17

Hare Tor left and Great Links Tor to the right from Fur Tor

Cut Hill 18

You can see the River Tavy heading across the picture left to right towards the cleave

Cut Hill 19

Looking south from a glorious place in Fur Tor

Cut Hill 20

Between Fur Tor and Cut Hill, High Willhays in the distance again

Cut Hill 21

On Cut Hill with Whitehorse Hill to the northeast

Cut Hill 22

Looking back to Fur Tor

Cut Hill 23

Cut Hill feels like the centre of Dartmoor as you can see pretty much all of it from here

Cut Hill 24

Spent a good 20 minutes here just taking all of this in

Cut Hill 25

After Cut Hill I headed to Little Kneeset, here’s looking across to Cut Hill left and Fur Tor right

Cut Hill 26

High Willhays still in view to the north with Great Kneeset to the right

Cut Hill 27

Now to drop down to Amicombe Brook, this bit should be boggy

Cut Hill 28

It was ok walking through here, Fur Tor right, then Cut Hill and Little Kneeset

Cut Hill 29

The grass was long but at least I stayed dry ish, Fur Tor left

Cut Hill 30

It was just a case of finding the best sheep track to follow through this long grass

Cut Hill 31

Having crossed the wilderness on Amicombe Hill I headed to cross the Rattlebrook

Cut Hill 32

That’s Tavy Cleave again, I’m heading down to the right here to cross the Rattlebrook

Cut Hill 33

Rattlebrook below now and that’s the north end of Tavy Cleave, Fur Tor is top left and that’s the River Tavy heading away which I followed out to Fur Tor

Cut Hill 34

Above Tavy Cleave on Tavy Cleave Tors

Cut Hill 35

Wow, Sharp Tor (Tavy Cleave0 on the right is my next target

Cut Hill 37

Just to prove I was here!

Cut Hill 38

Ger Tor on the right, that’s where I’m heading next

Cut Hill 39

Ger Tor looking to Hare Tor

Cut Hill 40

Tavy Cleave from Ger Tor

Cut Hill 41

As you can see Ger Tor is within the firing range, Great Mis Tor in the distance to the left

Cut Hill 42

Looking down to Lane End and the car at the end of a cracking day out.


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