Rook Tor

Some days you head out for a walk and the conditions around you mean that you change your mind and decide to either, cut short the walk, or change the route. Today was one of those days, what should have been a nice little walk to Penn Beacon, was changed, due to thick haze which meant the normally lovely views to South Hams, did not exist. The walk was enough to help digest the pizza for lunch though and its always good to be outside. Rook Tor is an easy tor to get to when parking at East Rook gate and Penn Beacon isn’t much further up the hill, however not today.

Rook Tor 1

Heading up the path from East Rook gate

Rook Tor 2

Now out on open moorland and the haze is thick behind, Stalldown Barrow on the left

Rook Tor 3

Its worse to the west, with just the china clay works in view and everything behind in the clag

Rook Tor 4

Rook Tor with Penn Beacon behind

Rook Tor 5

The boys on Penn Beacon lower slopes and the higher rocks of Rook Tor

Rook Tor 6

Its even hazy looking up to Penn Beacon

Rook Tor 7

Heading back down now as its obvious that without any breeze this hazy stuff isn’t going to clear.

Rook Tor 8

Rhododendron in flower as we head along the lane to East Rook gate


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