Cadover Bridge, Shaugh Bridge and Wigford Down

I thought I’d had my last evening walk a couple of weeks ago at Great Mis Tor  however I managed to squeeze another one in, on a day when the rain was supposed to pour. Luckily for me the weather reporters were wrong and I enjoyed a walk in probably my most walked area on Dartmoor. I’ll come to this walk at least once a year, usually around Christmas, however I took advantage of a weather window and came here, as its a short drive from home. For those wishing to start walking on Dartmoor, or anywhere for that matter, this is as good a place as there is to start. You get a river, two bridges, a woodland path, downhill parts, uphill parts, an old railway and quarry industry, a tor, a rocky summit that was a hill fort and an area in Wigford Down that gives a flavour of Dartmoor proper. All that in 4 miles and owned by the National Trust. A brilliant place.

Start – Cadover parking
Route – North Wood – West Down – Shaugh BridgeDewerstoneCadworthy TorWigford DownCadover CrossCadover Bridge
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 4pm     Time taken –  2hrs  Highest Point – Wigford Down 271 metres
Weather – Some sun, cool but no rain
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


As I leave Cadover Bridge car park and enter North Woods the River Plym is loud and present on my right hand side. this whole area is owned by the National Trust


This is the clay pipe path, for obvious reasons! Clay was carried along these pipes to the kilns at Shaugh Bridge. A nearby train station then took the goods to town (Plymouth) and beyond


Sun dappled North Woods


Out of North Woods and that’s Cadworthy Tor on the other side of the valley, I’ll be there in about 50 minutes


From the same spot a view to the Dewerstone, a major climbing route in these parts. Devils Rocks above


Going to the left


I’m on the wooden bridge near Shaugh Bridge looking up the River Plym


Shaugh Bridge, here the rivers Plym and Meavy meet


This is the old cart track that leads up from Shaugh Bridge, the rocks ahead would have been a tor and became a quarry, stone from here went to build Blackfriars Bridge in London


The incline, full carts of granite went down, pulling up the empty carts. Clever stuff


The brake house, to stop the empty carts from heading into the River Meavy


A glimpse over glorious Devon countryside, the valley below holds the River Meavy


On Devils Rocks now, Dartmoor and its tors in the distance, Cox Tor on the left


Sun shining on Cadover Bridge area with the Plym valley to the right. Left of photo is Cadworthy Tor my next destination


To the south are views to Plymouth


On Cadworthy Tor with Devils Rocks on the right and Plymouth Sound in the centre in the distance


The top of the Dewerstone just visible left and below Devils Rocks


Great Trowlesworthy Tor catches the sun as I walk to Wigford Down, Shell Top behind


Past the Dartmoor ponies to Wigford Down


Wigford Down cairn, Sheeps Tor above the cairn and Peek Hill to the left


Watering hole Dartmoor style


I’m heading down just right of the trees, Shell Top and Lee Moor dominate the background


Cadover Cross and Cadover Bridge behind. This was an old abbots route from Tavistock to Plympton


Sunset at Cadover Bridge


5 thoughts on “Cadover Bridge, Shaugh Bridge and Wigford Down

  1. I’m hoping to stop off in Dartmoor for a Cream Tea and a short walk on my way to weekend in Padstow in a few weeks. This looks like a good one. Any other recommendations for a couple of hours walk in some classic Dartmoor scenery.


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