Longtimber Tor, White Tor and Hill Bridge

This is my last walk of 2017 and being New Years Eve I decided on a walk that includes lots and lots of things to see, the tors come thick and fast as do the bridges, churches and leats in between, the only downside was the cows, of which there can be a lot of in this area!! I started out from Peter Tavy and quickly made my way down to the River Tavy, following this, on and off, right up to Hill Bridge. Here Christmas cake was eaten in order to fuel up for the climb up to White Tor, now this is a much harder climb than it looks from the ground. And it does feel as if some giant is pulling the tor further away as at some points you seem no nearer to it, despite being knackered from the effort!! Once on top its a simple down, around and across to the last two tors before a muddy squelch back to the car. The conditions were wet underfoot all the way around, although none of the wet stuff fell from above this time. To be honest, Dartmoor has had enough of the wet stuff now, and as a result nothing soaks in anymore it just runs off, flooding everything. Some cold, dry weather would be lovely, please!!!

Start – Peter Tavy
Route – Longtimber Tor – The ClamMary Tavy Water works – Mary Tavy Church – Brimhill Tor – Kents Tor – Brimhill Tor – Horndon – Wheal Friendship Leat – Big Rock Hill Bridge – Wapsworthy – White Tor – Sharp Tor (Peter Tavy)Great Combe TorCombe Bridge – Peter Tavy
Distance –  7 miles    Start time – 10.40am     Time taken –  4hrs 50mins   Highest Point – White Tor 465metres
Weather – Grey skies, some sun to the west. But thankfully no rain

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

The first stop off was the church in Peter Tavy

Inside the church, Sunday morning and no service which means the church in Mary Tavy is likely to be occupied

On the path out of Peter Tavy village this is the first look at Longtimber Tor, the rocky outcrop down by the River Tavy is part of it, most of it is hidden in the trees to the right

Longtimber Tor

I stood on the bridge called The Clam, looking down a very broody looking River Tavy. The trees on the left are usually not in the river

Church number 2 in Mary Tavy is just a short walk away from The Clam

The fields were exceptionally muddy, this short section of path past these mine workings and chimney gave some respite. Brent Tor is in the distance (a 3rd church if you want to tag that as well!!)

A bit of a soggy plod brought me to Brimhill Tor

And around the corner is Kents Tor, the return is back past Brimhill Tor the same way I came in

Heading to Horndon meant walking up this stream, which is normally a path!!!

After Horndon I turn on to the Wheal Friendship Leat track. Standon Hill is straight ahead

Aptly named Big Rock, This thing is pretty huge, shame the view is blocked by all the trees

If it looked broody before then this must be menacing. The Tavy is full spate

Hill Bridge and the weir. Plenty of noise around here

Time for a break and some festive cake!!!

After heading up the road from Hill Bridge you get some fabulous views to western Dartmoor (if you stand on the bank that is!!)

Standon Hill from the road to Wapsworthy

Brent Tor on the left and Gibbet Hill is the yellowy looking hill

Climbing up the long slog to White Tor means plenty of times to stop and admire the tors of Hare Tor, Great Links Tor, Ger Tor and Brat Tor. As well as the entry into Tavy Cleave (centre right)

Standon Hill left and Lynch Tor right

On White Tor looking to a brighter western Dartmoor

Cox Tor, with sunshine beyond

Great Mis Tor on the left and Roos Tor to the right, I’m heading next around the back of the field system you can see clearly across the middle of the photo

Cox Tor left and Sharp Tor below to the right. I’m heading to Sharp Tor next, once I’ve crossed this stream and heading around the walled fields

Lots of water coming down from Cox Tor as I look back to White Tor

Sharp Tor

Just down the hill is Great Combe Tor, here I look back up to Sharp Tor. The path down from here into The Combe and across the bridge is as muddy a path as I’ve ever seen. It never seems to get any better

White Tor over on the left from Great Combe Tor

The church at Peter Tavy in the sunshine with Brent Tor top right

Fancy a swim, anyone? Not today!


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