All around Hameldown Beacon

The weather had been good for most of the week and on into the weekend, the mercury on the thermometer was dropping. The icy winds from Russia were certainly blowing as I headed out from above Widecombe In the Moor and it was certainly hard underfoot as I stepped on to Hameldown. It was Baltic to say the least. The skies were blue however and I’d cooked up a route that would take me the length of Hameldown then down into Challacombe and along the valley, bringing me out over Wind Tor and back to the car. On arriving at Widecombe it seemed as though there was a running event going on which meant I’d have plenty of company on the first half of the walk for sure. It was a glorious day for walking and one I’d call a two hat day!! On my way home I stopped near to Scobitor to take a look at this out of bounds tor and the folly at its summit, this isn’t the easiest tor to see with plenty of trees around but coming from the south east is the best approach to get a photo.

Start – Widecombe parking
Route – Langworthy Tor – Stoneslade Tor – Kingshead TorHameldown Beacon – Broad Burrow – Hameldown CrossHameldown Tor  –GrimspoundBlacka TorRowden TorDrywell CrossWind Tor – Widecombe parking
Distance –  8 miles    Start time – 10.45am     Time taken –  4hrs 25mins   Highest Point – Hameldown Tor 529metres
Weather – Freezing cold, windy, sunny and blue skies

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Starting out and it was wrap up warm time. Here I look back to Wind Tor and the car park

Langworthy Tor, not much to this one and again I look back to Wind Tor which will be my last one

A dark looking Corndon Tor as I look west from Langworthy Tor

This is looking up to Hameldown. Those with a keen eye will see a line of brightly clad runners heading up the path

Looking back down the ridge from Stoneslade Tor

Looking to the centre of Dartmoor

This is Kingshead Tor, these first 3 tors are rocky outcrops on the side of Hameldown if I’m honest. However they get their own name and all have that fantastic view

Hameldown Beacon and the long line of runners

Looking east towards Haytor as more runners pass

After passing Two Barrows and Broad Barrow I arrive at Hameldon Cross, Hameldown Tor is on the right of photo

Hameldown Tor and trig point. Cosdon Beacon on the horizon

The circular wall down there is Grimspound, a bronze age settlement, likely older than Stonehenge. Hookney Tor rises up behind

The entrance to Grimspound

Looking down the road I will follow back towards Wind Tor. It was a little warmer down here as the wind had gone

Turning around to see Hookney Tor

After a long walk along the road I arrived at Blacka Tor

Looking back along the valley. Hameldown is up on the right, Challacombe Down on the left and Hookney Tor in between

Snowdrops in the sun

I quite liked this view across Cator Common

Hameldown is the mass bulk on the right as I climb up Rowden Tor. I’m looking over a wall here

Residents of Rowden Tor

That’s Wind Tor over there. I’m heading down to the right here and then looping around to Wind Tor

I’ve followed the road to get to Drywell Cross, now to get up to Wind Tor

Wind Tor is up to my right as I cross the road heading that way, that’s Assycombe Hill in the distance

Corndon Tor is silhouetted

The Dart Valley and Buckland Beacon to the left from Wind Tor

On Wind Tor looking to Hameldown, the car is that way as well

Hameldown left and Chinkwell Tor and Honeybag Tor right as I get near to the car

I’ve driven around the road a bit now to come and look at Scorbitor. Now the sharp eyed will see it towards the bottom left corner of the photo with Hameldown and Chinkwell Tor forming the backdrop

There it is. Complete with its folly


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