Cosdon Hill to Hangingstone Hill and back to Belstone

Autumn looked like it was coming over the previous weeks, and I was planning some last longer walks before the days shorten too much to complete them. The northern moors involve an hours drive each way so these needed to be done soon. I picked this out and back to Hangingstone Hill from Belstone, this is a long walk but once you are up on Cosdon Hill the paths undulate nicely along the ridge to Hangingstone, meaning quick progress can be made. The return gives you a couple of options, either east or west of Taw Marsh, I chose east this time as I’d previously walked the Oke Tor ridge back from Steeperton Tor and I fancied a change. This meant a quick down and up to Metheral Hill and then around Taw Marsh and back to Belstone. The weather started out as forecast, looking a bit grey and hazy, meaning the photos lacked a bit of colour. However the return back from Hangingstone brought a different weather with the sun clearing the clouds and making for a very hot walk back, it was still 25 degrees when I reached the car at 5pm, and I was grateful for a drink in the Tors Inn. A fab walk and one of my favourites with the added bonus of hardly seeing a soul.

Start – Belstone parking
Route – Belstone Cleave bridge – Belstone Cleave – Ivy Tor – Cosdon Hill – Little Hound TorWhit Moor Stone Circle –  Hound TorWild Tor – Hangingstone HillSteeperton Tor – Metheral Hill – Taw MarshOttery Tor – Belstone Cleave bridge – Belstone
Distance – 10.5 miles    Start time – 10.45am     Time taken –  6hrs 15mins  Highest Point – Hangingstone Hill 603metres
Weather – Cloudy and hazy start clearing to very warm sunshine

© Crown copyright 2018 Ordnance Survey FL 2018 SF

Belstone Green with Cosdon Hill rising beyond the cleave. I’m heading down along the path into the trees to reach the bridge

Belstone Cleave bridge across the River Taw

Belstone Cleave and those with a keen eye might be able to pick out Ivy Tor in the trees centre of photo

In the other direction, from Ivy Tor to Belstone along the cleave

Its a tough climb up through the scrub to start up Cosdon Hill. I rested here for a coffee looking to Belstone village

Higher up you get views across to Belstone Tor

Cosdon Hill summit. It was a bit grey and hazy up here which creates a bit of a dull palette of colour. The views are still magnificent from here

The beacon on Cosdon Hill with the highest points on Dartmoor behind. Yes Tor and High WIllhays

A short downhill walk to Little Hound Tor and looking along the outward ridge to Hangingstone Hill

Belstone Tors right and Yes Tor furthest left. Rowtor and West Mill Tor in between

Whit Moor Stone circle. Hameldown is in the far distance

On Hound Tor now and looking back to Cosdon Hill

Steeperton Tor from Hound Tor. I had considered going to Metheral Hill first but decided to tag it on to the return journey after Steeperton. Yes Tor again forms the backdrop

Wild Tor. I’d never noticed the hanging stone before on this tor. Hangingstone Hill behind

Wild Tor, Steeperton Tor left then Belstone Tor and Cosdon Hill on the right looking a long way away now

Looking to Watern Tor, with Hameldown just to the left

Up on Hangingstone Hill by the military hut. Cut Hill and Fur Tor are in view. The sun starts to come out here

To the west is Great Links Tor with Hare Tor peeking up on the left

North to great views and Cosdon Hill, Steeperton Tor and the Belstone group

I needed to get a bit of a wiggle on, so before too long I was on the track to Steeperton Tor

The sun was very warm here and lit up the views beautifully

Military regalia all over Steeperton Tor, looking to Yes Tor and High Willhays

Looking back again to Hangingstone Hill

Fantastic views to Taw Marsh, I’m heading down to the right to Metheral Hill

Metheral Hill and back to Steeperton Tor

The Belstone Tors and the sun still shines

Bit of zoom, past Oke Tor and East Mill Tor to Yes Tor

I’ve done a bit of searching on the internet and can’t find anything on these two stones, they were down the hill from the top of Metheral Hill heading towards Small Brook before the main path crosses it. I’m guessing they are boundary stones but not sure

Having looped around Taw Marsh I look back across it to Metheral Hill left and Steeperton Tor centre. Oke Tor is up on the right

Ottery Tor with Belstone behind

Belstone Tor from Ottery Tor

Looking back along Taw Marsh from Ottery Tor

The final plod into Belstone, all that is left is a down and up through the trees and into the pub!!


5 thoughts on “Cosdon Hill to Hangingstone Hill and back to Belstone

  1. That’s a circuit I often used to do, sometimes adding Cranmere. On reflection, I think Cosdon’s my favourite Dartmoor hill, John B.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Very dramatic hill too as you approach it from the Exeter direction. I remember the old days long before the Okehampton bypass was built, when the bus used to drop me off down in Sticklepath.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So that’s what those hills look like under sunny skies! My January walk around there was a little wetter. The walk up to Cosdon Hill from the stone circle was one of the longest, coldest, wettest and grim slogs I can ever remember.

    Liked by 1 person

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