Redlake, Green Hill and a new clapper bridge

I don’t think I’ve needed a walk more than this one, sometimes you just need to get out and let your head breathe a bit and sort itself out. Bad weather, too much work and more bad weather, had left me caged and ready to go. I chose this walk and kept adding more spots to it, knowing that I would probably cut it short due to light. Well I actually made the planned route and even added on a tiny bit. This walk is a long way, a large part without a path and it was boggy. Very bloody boggy. The area around Redlake, Green Hill and the Erme was soggy. But that was not going to stop me. They talk about mental health being on the rise, well one in three of us has it, we are wired that way, we always have been. We are just better at spotting it now with some fantastic doctors. Dartmoor is my medicine, and there’s no better place than a wide open space and a tough walk for bringing back reality and giving you the confidence to move forward. I’m ready for Christmas now and I wish every reader the best for the festive period. And a happy prosperous New Year.

Start – Shipley Bridge parking
Route – Shipley Bridge – Brentmoor House – Avon Dam and ReservoirWestern Wella Brook clapperHuntingdon Cross – Huntingdon Warren – Broad Falls – RedlakeGreen HillBlack RocksWollake Tor – River Erme – Stingers HillQuickbeam Hill – Knattabarrow – Old Hill TorAvon Water Treatment Works – Shipley parking
Distance – 9.5 miles    Start time – 10.45am     Time taken –  5hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Green Hill 473metres
Weather – Dry, some sunshine, mainly cloud and a stiff breeze

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The waterfall at the start of the walk, this always gives an idea to the water levels in the rivers, which would be high

The site of Brentmoor House

Black Tor is now behind me

At Avon Dam and the sun is trying to peek through, plenty of water pouring over the top

After rounding Avon reservoir, I come to a boggy part around Huntingdon Cross. To my surprise there has been work done, channels cut and pipes inserted. And this new clapper bridge. Well done to those that have sorted this, a brilliant addition to the landscape.

Here it is, the Western Wella Brook clapper

Huntingdon Cross is a short distance away from the new bridge

Climbing up to Huntingdon Warren and I look back to Avon reservoir and the River Avon. Eastern White Barrow up on the right

Huntingdon Warren summit, with Pupers Hill right and Snowdon left

A bit of sunshine and Redlake, my next target

First to cross Broad falls, go far right above the falls for easier crossings and follow the valley heading up to the left


It is a magical place here, come in winter when it is very cold and enjoy the silence

Green Hill summit, this is a bleak place, it will be boggy and tough to get here. But have a sit down and a brew, as I did, and enjoy it

Stalldown Barrow and Three Barrows have the high ground in the distance. It went very dark here for while, but never rained. I started my return journey by heading right from this photo, towards Black Rocks

The terrain from Broad falls to Old Hill Tor is pretty much this, if you are not a fan of tufty boggy grassy ground, then maybe give this one a miss

Broad Rocks with Langcombe Hill forming the backdrop

Now this is a treat, this is Wollake Tor, named after the nearby stream and not far from Black Rocks. That’s Three Barrows in the distance

After a bit of back and forth I crossed the Erme and climbed Stingers Hill then descended and climbed to this point on Quickbeam Hill. Now looking back at Erme pits and Erme head, with Stingers Hill to the left of that

It was looking very black overhead, but sunshine shone over Stalldown Barrow

This view always surprises me, that’s Plymouth Sound from Quickbeam Hill

That’s the Zeal tramway track to Redlake below and I’m heading for Knattabarrow. Quickbeam Hill to the right

Near to Knattabarrow and I spot a submarine. Or Eastern White Barrow!!

Knattabarrow. I can see my next target of Old Hill Tor on the hill to the right

Old Hill Tor with Brent Hill in the distance

The pimple is Eastern White Barrow, I’m heading down from Old Hill Tor to cross the Bala Brook

Crossed the Bala Brook now and I see the Avon water works in front of me, with Brent Hill beyond. Its a 10 minute walk to Shipley Bridge from here. Which is good as the light is fading rapidly. This will be one of my walks of the year. More for what it meant to me rather than the route, the views or the weather. The outdoors is good for the soul, keep it coming for 2019!


3 thoughts on “Redlake, Green Hill and a new clapper bridge

  1. Lovely to see the pictures. I remember when I started walking the Moor that the Redlake mound used to be glowing white before it vegetated. So stark on night walks with a full moon. Compliments of the season.

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