Boulters Tor and Wedlake

This is a second part of a walk that I wanted to complete a month or so back, to make a longer walk. I wasn’t really up for a walk on the first outing, so cut it short, here is the second half of the walk, a few weeks later. The weather was decent, the lambs were all around and a cuckoo kept making the right noises. The only down side was the red flags on the Merrivale firing range, which meant I had to keep the walk to plan. A couple of different tors and a new path for me. I normally turn left on the bridge in The Combe, but this time I went right and picked up a path to Boulters Tor via Little Combe Tor. It was nice to be back here and a fine short walk.

Start – Behind Cox Tor, Peter Tavy parking
Route – Sharp TorGreat Combe TorCombe BridgeLittle Combe TorBoulters TorSetters RocksWedlake Tor – Behind Cox Tor
Distance – 3miles    Start time – 10am    Time taken – 2hrs  Highest Point – Setters Rocks 361 metres
Weather – Dry, high cloud, some sun, quite warm


© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

My starting spot, there is a gate in the wall just over there, with White Tor in the distance.

Plenty of these little ones around today

Sharp Tor is a short stroll from the car, White Tor on the left with Great Mis Tor to the right

Peter Tavy down below from Sharp Tor. Brent Tor is on the horizon

Heading lower into The Combe and this is Great Combe Tor

A similar view to that above this time from Great Combe Tor

This is normally full and was an old outdoor swimming pool many years ago. I can only assume the drier weather recently has left this without water.

Little Combe Tor outcrops

Two main outcrops for this tor, both a short distance from the path.

Looking down from Little Combe Tor, through the trees you can see Great Combe Tor on the other side of the valley

A nice patch of bluebells at the back of Little Combe Tor

On the path out to Boulters Tor now, looking out across West Devon

Boulters Tor looking north to the tors around Great Links and Hare Tor

The way I’m going. White Tor left, Setter Rocks in front of Great Mis Tor centre and Roos Tor right. I could see the red flags flying from here so I chose to finish the walk I had planned, rather than heading further into the moor.

Setters Rocks, looking back to Boulters Tor and Brent Tor in the far distance

Wedlake Tor looking up to White Tor

And the other way to Cox Tor

A fine walk across the valley via a path around Wedlake Tor brings you to this gate, looking back to White Tor which dominates so many of the views around here.

Seems right to finish with a shot back to White Tor as I walk back to the car


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