History on the south moor

Most walks in the area will provide you with a good chance of seeing human’s history on the moor. In this case it was going back as far as 5000 years ago and the settlements at Drizzlecombe, alongside the 19th century mining at Eylesbarrow and finally the 17th century rabbit warren house at Ditsworthy. There are plenty of tors in this area as well, particularly around the Plym Ford area, so it was 3 new tors for me as well today. Once off the main path past Eylesbarrow up to Nun’s Cross, you hit a area of peace and quiet and apart from a few cows and sheep you will rarely see anyone until you get to Drizzlecombe, it’s a lovely place.

Start – Gutter Tor parking
Route – Eylesbarrow Tin MineEylesbarrow –  Plym FordCalveslake Tor – Little Gnats Head – Plym Steps – Lower Hartor TorHigher Hartor TorDrizzlecombeEastern TorDitsworthy Warren HouseGutter Tor – Gutter Tor parking
Distance – 6 miles    Start time – 2.30pm     Time taken –  3 hrs 15mins    Highest Point – Eylesbarrow 450m
Weather – Lots of cloud, some sun and one heavy shower
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Lower Hartor Tor 1

Starting out with sun shining on Down Tor with the Princetown mast behind

Lower Hartor Tor 2

Looking back to the car park on the left by the trees, with Sheeps Tor up on the right

Lower Hartor Tor 3

Peek Hill and Leather Tor far left with Combshead Tor nearest to the camera as I climb up to Eylesbarrow

Lower Hartor Tor 4

The wheel house at Eylesbarrow Tin Mine, Sheeps Tor far right

Lower Hartor Tor 5

Some of the walls and buildings of the tin mine

Lower Hartor Tor 6

Eylesbarrow summit, looking north

Lower Hartor Tor 7

And the summit cairn, with a rain storm passing over Hen Tor and Shell Top in the distance

Lower Hartor Tor 8

Dartmoor ponies!

Lower Hartor Tor 9

Wheal Katherine, the other part of the tin mine complex, with the Plym valley and Calverslake Tor in shot

Lower Hartor Tor 10

Crossing Plym Ford, fairly easy after a dry spell

Lower Hartor Tor 11

On Calverslake Tor looking across to Eylesbarrow

Lower Hartor Tor 12

Plym valley and the River Plym left with Lower Hartor and Higher Hartor on the other side

Lower Hartor Tor 13

First to Little Gnats Head and a view to Eylesbarrow with Calverslake Tor the rocks which are down on the right

Lower Hartor Tor 14

Lower Hartor Tor is next up, across there

Lower Hartor Tor 15

Great views down the Plym Valley from Little Gnats Head

Lower Hartor Tor 16

The River Plym at Plym Steps, not so much a set of steps more a crossing point

Lower Hartor Tor 17

On Lower Hartor Tor looking to the source of the Plym at Plym Head, Calverslake Tor on the right of picture

Lower Hartor Tor 18

Another view along the Plym valley

Lower Hartor Tor 19

On Higher Hartor Tor now and looking to Sheeps Tor on the left and Peek Hill right

Lower Hartor Tor 20

Lower Hartor Tor can just be seen down the hill, Plym Steps is on the right edge of this picture in the valley

Lower Hartor Tor 21

The sun comes out as I make my way down to Drizzlecombe

Lower Hartor Tor 22

There are many large cairns here at Drizzlecombe, including the Giants basin and one double stone row and a longer single one with two large menhirs at each end

Lower Hartor Tor 23

This menhir is the largest standing stone on Dartmoor at 4.5metres tall

Lower Hartor Tor 24

Looking back along the stone row from the menhir at the other end, this one is over 2m tall

Lower Hartor Tor 25

On Eastern Tor now, with Gutter Tor on the left and the scout hut in the trees on the right. Sheeps Tor , Leather Tor and Peek Hill inbetween

Lower Hartor Tor 26

Ditsworthy Warren House is in the trees below Eastern Tor. The Trowlesworthy Tors in the distance

Lower Hartor Tor 27

Dog kennels in the walls at Ditsworthy Warren House

Lower Hartor Tor 28

On the final tor, Gutter Tor, looking westwards

Lower Hartor Tor 29

Eylesbarrow high above the trees around the scout hut

Lower Hartor Tor 30

Looking back to Ditsworthy from Gutter Tor, Hen Tor on the hill behind the warren house

Lower Hartor Tor 31

A bulky looking Sheeps Tor

Lower Hartor Tor 32

A field of buttercups to finish with Sheepstor church and Sheeps Tor in view


2 thoughts on “History on the south moor

    • Dartmoor never fails to surprise me, the walking can be as hard or easy as you want. Plus there are places such as Tavy Cleave which is as good as anywhere in this country


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