Round Hill Tor and Prince Hall Rocks

A bit of snow was forecast for Dartmoor on Tuesday, however I could only get there for a walk on Wednesday. Most of it had melted by the time I got there, apart from the stubborn north facing slopes. This is just a short walk around the basin of the West Dart, between Two Bridges and Swincombe. Not the best area I admit for a winter walk, but I’d chosen it and hoped it would go well. It did as far as Prince Hall Rocks, and then it got very squidgy. The ground moved when I stood on it and I knew I was in some very boggy ground, I needed to cross the West Dart, but at this time of year it flows too quickly and too deep even for a wade without boots on. Luckily I spotted a narrowed section and some islands of grass, some serious leaping got me across to firm ground and I was away. I finished by following the road back, I think it was my way of compensating for some hairy wetlands in the proceeding half an hour!!

Start – Two Bridges parking
Route – Round Hill TorRound Hill Bridge – Blakey Tor – Prince Hall Rocks – Prince Hall Rocks Bridge – West Dart River – Two Bridges
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken – 2hrs  Highest Point – Blakey Tor 362metres
Weather – A bit of snow lying, but mainly sunny with a cold wind

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Starting out from the layby up there on the left and looking back to the snowy slopes on the north side of North Hessary Tor

The areas open to the sunshine had all but lost their white covering, however a keen westerly reminded me of the time of year. it was absolutely Baltic looking across here to Royal Hill

This fella made a racket, eventually heading over Hameldown in the east towards Somerset

Round Hill Tor came up after about 20 minutes of walking, I sat here and had a quick hot ribena before heading down to the bridge to cross the Blackbrook River

Looking north ish from Round Hill Tor

The bridge over the Blackbrook, with Round Hill Tor up their on the left

Blakey Tor up on the right, my next target and Bellever Tor away on the left in the distance

I’m on Blakey Tor now, with the pointy Longaford Tor standing up in the distance

Blakey Tor looking back to the mast on North Hessary Tor and the remainder of the snow

A short hop skip and a jump down the hill to Prince Hall Rocks and the bridge over the Blackbrook

The bridge is down there on the left as I look from the rocks on one side to the rocks on the other side. Both Prince Hall Rocks for me

Now this was the tough part of the walk, the plan was to follow the West Dart back towards Two Bridges, however its a boggy spot, very boggy indeed. I crossed the West Dart here by hopping on those grassy islands. At one point I had considered just wading across, but at a metre deep in most places I decided against it. I was grateful to get across and walk uphill to the road

I think the green hut down there is the clay pigeon shooting hut that use this area on Sunday’s

Looking back to Royal Hill and Down Ridge

The road to Dartmeet. Bellever Tor on the left

Two Bridges, I resisted the temptation to go into the hotel for refreshments

The West Dart snaking away

Great views to Hameldown as I climb back up towards the car

And one last look across Royal Hill and Down Ridge. A decent little walk this one. I should have extended it a bit and gone towards Prince Hall hotel after ticking off Prince Hall Rocks, but there you go I won’t be back along the West Dart in the boggy winter weather again. You live and learn!!


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  1. We’ve had pretty much zero snow up here in Wales although there look to some flecks of white on there this morning so I may head out and find some. Brave man jumping across that river!

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