3 crosses and a Gutter Tor

A second day in a row out for a walk and probably the best weather I’ve had for quite a while. A crisp frosty start turned into a nice sunny day and despite a bit of haze towards the end it stayed warm enough for 2 layers. I’d walked this area only a couple of weeks before with the boys, but managed to visit all different tors this time despite setting off from the same car parking spot. I took a new path past Marchants Cross and through Burrator Wood to Sheepstor, before heading back up to the moor proper and Gutter Tor. I really, really enjoyed this walk and the weather played its part and by the end I’d wished I had extended it over Sheeps Tor as well, next time maybe.

Start – Cadover parking
Route – Cadover Cross – Cadworthy Tor – Callisham Tor – Lovaton – Marchants Cross –Burrator Wood – Sheepstor Cross – Sheepstor village – Gutter Tor – Legis TorBrisworthy Stone Circle – Brisworthy – Cadover Bridge
Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 9am     Time taken – 5hrs  Highest Point – Gutter Tor 350metres
Weather – Frosty start then mainly sunny and quite warm for the time of year

© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

The sun was just rising over Saddlesborough, to the right, as I set out over Wigford Down, Cadover Cross is in front of me, frost on the ground and Lee Moor in the distance

It was pretty chilly at this point but in the sun it was warming up nicely. Looking back here to Lee Moor again

Cadworthy Tor with Dewerstone Hill behind and in the far distance is Plymouth Sound

I’m now heading towards Callisham Tor and looking across to Cornwall and the Bodmin tors

Dewerstone Hill on the left and Plymouth Sound again in the distance

Plenty of tors in view above Callisham Tor, with Sheeps Tor to the right, Peek Hill centre and Cox Tor furthest left

These two made a racket as they flew overhead. They would continue this for a few hours following the valley down over Burrator reservoir

Callisham Tor, with Peek Hill in the distance

First entry in the horns of the day competition

Having dropped down and walked through Lovaton I look back across the fields to the hill holding Callisham Tor which is in the trees running down that hill

Marchants Cross is next, I follow that lane behind to Yeo Farm

Looking along the valley of the Meavy river, in the dip will be the Burrator dam and reservoir also

I had green envious eyes at the house (Yeo Farm) with the smoking chimney, beautiful. Here I’m entering Burrator Wood

No contest, this fella wins horns of the day with these magnificent adornments

Walking through Burrator Wood

Coming out the other side of Burrator Wood I stop for coffee and admire the view to Sheeps Tor and….

..further left to Peek Hill, Sharpitor and Leather Tor

Sheepstor church and Sheeps Tor

Sheepstor cross

Having walked through the village I started to climb up on to Ringmoor Down, heading to Gutter Tor. Plenty to see here with North Hessary Tor and the mast on the left, with Eylesbarrow on the right

Sheeps Tor’s rocky side from this angle and the village below to the left

Gutter Tor trig point and Gutter Tor just over there. Eylesbarrow above the trig point

A bit of haze now as I look to Hen Tor, Lee Moor and the Trowlesworthy Tors

Hazy view to Legis Tor but a clear path and easy walking

The dip in the distance is the Plym valley with Wigford Down, where I started to the right of that. All this from Legis Tor

Ditsworthy Warren House is in the trees with the Plym valley to the right of that

Brisworthy Stone circle with Legis Tor left, Hen Tor behind and to the right of that, and right of the trees is Little Trowlesworthy Tor

A bit further along and looking back at the same view again, lovely.

One of the fishing lakes (old clay pits) near Cadover bridge

Lee Moor looking the other way. Hen Tor to the left, and the Trowlesworthy Tors centre as I finish the walk


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