Western Beacon and Ugborough Beacon

It had taken a while, we’d been back a couple of weeks from the Lakes and hadn’t had a walk in our own back yard. Well enough was enough, and it required a quick walk to get back into Dartmoor. I was trying to remember my last time up here and I think it was this snowy battering  during the Beast from the East. However this walk was very easy in comparison, you drive up most of the elevation along a single track road to a parking spot for around 6 or 7 cars, where sometimes it is full, but this time we got the last spot. The walk up to Western Beacon is steep, and on legs that were not warmed up, it took us a bit of time. The views behind however deserve to be looked at, and therefore you get a rest doing so. We then headed up to Butterdon Hill before turning to the east towards Ugborough Beacon and then back to the car. A fine little walk which can be changed to take in Hangershell Rock and go west instead of east. But this walk was fine for us. We are back on Dartmoor, time to plan the next adventure.

Start – Ivybridge parking
Route – Western BeaconBlack PoolButterdon HillUgborough BeaconEastern BeaconCreber’s Rock – Ivybridge parking
Distance – 2 1/2 miles    Start time – 2.40pm    Time taken – 1hr 30mins   Highest Point – Ugborough Beacon 371metres
Weather – Sunny, pretty warm. Some cloud

© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

The boys are at the gate already as we leave the parking spots at the top of the lane below Western Beacon

It takes only a minute or two from leaving the gate to see these views. The sea is immediately in view, as are the fields of South Hams

Western Beacon. Ugborough Beacon is peaking out behind the cairn and South Hams shows all it has below a lovely sky

The boys on Western Beacon

Looking back to Western Beacon and in the dip is Black Pool. Not too soggy today, so we walked pretty much straight across.

Plymouth Sound to the west in the distance

Heading up the short climb to Butterdon Hill

Butterdon Hill with Sharp Tor and a prominent Three Barrows behind

These two are off in the direction of Ugborough Beacon already

I stay to take a few shots. First back towards Western Beacon, past the trig of Butterdon Hill. South Hams seems to stretch forever from up here

Penn Beacon and Lee Moor to the west

I’ve joined the boys now and we cross the dip between Ugborough Beacon and Butterdon Hill. Here I look out towards South Hams.

Ugborough Beacon has three outcrops, here looking past the most prominent to Brent Hill

To the north is Wacka Tor (at the head of the valley) and a dark looking Three Barrows

Western Beacon also looks dark from here as the clouds play with the shadows overhead

We started out towards Eastern Beacon here to take a selfie

Just down from Eastern Beacon is Creber’s Rock (or Claret Tor), with that view to Western Beacon behind the boys

Gorgeous scene as we pass towards Western Beacon and the car. South Hams looks serene from here.

I look back to Ugborough Beacon from the fine path that leads back to the lane with the car. This is a great walking area, and one for those who perhaps aren’t confident with the higher parts of the moor. There are some good starting points including the one on this walk, and Harford. Giving many option for the walker along very good paths. I’ll be back soon.


3 thoughts on “Western Beacon and Ugborough Beacon

    • They are both in the time where they want to come out and don’t complain too much, so I;m taking advantage of that. If I can keep the walk to 2 hours ish then we have a happy car coming home.

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