Trenchford Reservoir and Bullaton Rock

Another day in winter where the weather keeps coming in from the prevailing south west so we headed east of Dartmoor to take advantage of the normally drier conditions out that way. Again it worked out nicely for us and we saw plenty of broken cloud with some sun, plus some heavy showers. We got lucky when the first of these hit, as we were walking around Kennick Reservoir at the time and dived in a fishing hut to eat lunch, whilst it passed overhead. The walk is mainly centred around the 3 reservoirs of Kennick, Tottiford and Trenchford before heading down into the woods below Bullaton Farm, there we picked off Bullaton Rock which was glorious, sitting high above the trees and views down to Lustleigh. Before returning to the reservoirs and one final heavy shower as we reached the car. It was lovely to get around this area again, with one significant thing changing since my last visit in May 2021. Hollowpark Rock has now been included on the new OS maps after a recent campaign, it was one of 3 on Dartmoor to be reinstated so I headed back for my second visit there. This was my third walk in 2023 on only the eighth day, which must be a record for me, can’t see it continuing at that pace but I’m certainly hoping for more walks this year than before (think 76 is my most). Onward.

Start – Reservoirs parking

Route – Slade Rocks – Kennick Reservoir – Laployd Plantation – Hollowpark Rock – Kennick East Tor – Tottiford Reservoir – Trenchford Reservoir – Bullaton Farm – Bullaton Rock – Lower Elsford – Trenchford Tor – Kennick Reservoir

Distance – 8 miles    Start time – 11am   Time taken – 4hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Kennick 296 metres

Weather – Some rain, some sun, mixed bag

© Crown copyright 2023 Ordnance Survey FL 2023 SF
Out of the car and straight away this view across Kennick Reservoir
Slade Rocks, much easier to see in the winter months without all the greenery over it
More of Slade Rocks
Haytor back left as we walk the lanes to the west of Kennick Reservoir
Now at the northern end of Kennick Reservoir, there were three cormorants sat on the fence over there, apparently they are regularly there.
We headed uphill through the plantation to this, Hollowpark Rock, recently added to the OS maps
We returned down to the path around the reservoir just as the rain started to fall, we decided to dive into this fishing hut and eat our sarnies out of the rain
Just as the rain eased we emerged and continued walking the path, next we found Kennick East Tor
Another one that benefits from lack of summer growth
Pretty much back at the car here, but we continued by dropping down, behind me here, from Kennick Reservoir to Tottiford Reservoir
Mirror finish on Tottiford Reservoir. This one is the oldest of the 3 with some stone circles, huts and rows beneath its waters
After walking around Tottiford and Trenchford Reservoirs we dropped down to Bullaton Farm and followed the path through. As it started to drop down towards Kelly Mine we jumped a fence and headed here to Bullaton Rock, this is a very large woodland tor with some great views
Linda on Bullaton Rock
And north towards Meldon Hill and the eastern side of Dartmoor
Below Bullaton Rock
I think this is Great Brake Tor as we walk through the woods along the faint path towards Lower Elsford
Another outcrop, this one is around SX792825, the guys at Tors of Dartmoor don’t have any outcrop marked at that point, but they have one lower down the hill called Greathill Copse Tor at SX791822, so it could be a higher part of it, but there must be a fair gap between that tor and this bit as I didn’t see any of the lower tor. By the way there’s an electric fence between me and that outcrop, and it is live, ouch!!
More of the unnamed outcrop
The Dartmoor 365 square of Elsford farm, went nicely alongside the 3 squares for each of the reservoirs
Sunbursting over Black Hill
Back into the woodland again around the reservoirs and a rainbow to greet us
We were at the northern end of Trenchford Reservoir and found Trenchford Tor first
Trenchford Tor
Nearing the end of the day on Trenchford Reservoir
Little Trenchford Tor is also by the path as we walk back to the car
As we got within sight of the car the heavens began to pour again, luckily we made a quick dart and stayed dry and drank coffee whilst admiring the views along Kennick Reservoir again, the view changing somewhat from when we’d arrived

5 thoughts on “Trenchford Reservoir and Bullaton Rock

  1. My favourite part of East Dartmoor (maybe) with so many happy memories here. Both Trenchford Tor and Hollowpark Rock are special. Must get back to Bullaton Rock, and yes, that was Great Brake Tor. Not sure how I missed the outcrop at SX 792 825.

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