Grimspound and Shapley Tor

This walk was much needed, the boys had been staring at phones, games and screens for long enough and they needed to get out and see the world. I decided to head to the far side of Dartmoor from home to extend the time away from the computers, whilst also allowing us to finish listening to the football match. The boys hadn’t been to any of these tors that I could remember so this was a good spot and Grimspound is always good for a bit of a history lesson. It was a good leg stretch and pretty warm when comparing to last week when I thought autumn was on its way. Looks like I was wrong on that front!

Start – Bennets Cross and Grimspound parking
Route – GrimspoundKing Tor – Hookney Tor –  Shapley Tor – Grimspound parking
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 2.15pm     Time taken –  2hrs 15mins  Highest Point – Hookney Tor 497metres
Weather – Pretty sunny all the way around and quite warm

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Ready for the off, with Meldon Hill in the distance although we are not going that way

Its this way, along the road to Grimspound with views to Challacombe Down to keep us company as we go

Cracking view to the south as we turn off for Grimspound. Hameldown is rising up on the left

The circle that is Grimspound. Hameldown Tor is forming the backdrop

One of the hut circles inside Grimspound. My eldest looks to the Warren House Inn (white speck) which is in the dip between Challacombe Down and Birch Tor

Nearly at King Tor now and the views to Haytor open up

King Tor and the expansive views north and east

Posing on King Tor

Back through the heather and gorse towards Hookney Tor which is over there on the right

Hookney Tor, the main outcrop is behind the boys

Shapley Tor which will be our last one

On Shapley Tor and looking across to King Tor. Easdon Tor is to the left of King Tor

Shapley Tor summit. Hookney Tor and Hameldown to the left of the boys

After dropping down to the road it was a short walk back to the car


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