All around Meldon Reservoir

Good weather was in the forecast for the middle part of the week and I decided I would get myself out on at least 2 walks over 3 days. Unfortunately the first day coincided with a sickness bug, which went as fast as it came. However Wednesday I was back up and running again, so I was off to the north west corner of Dartmoor for a loop around Meldon Reservoir. I got there fairly quickly and had plenty of time to extend the walk if I needed to, I did consider heading up to Yes Tor or Black Tor, but with a walk the next day as well I kept it as it was. The weather got better and better as I walked, and by the time I reached Sourton Tor the spectacular views were at their best. This side of the moor has far reaching views into Cornwall and on a day like this there is nowhere better.

Start – Sourton parking
Route – South Down – Meldon Reservoir – Meldon Pool – Meldon Pool Bridge – Longstone Hill Homerton HillVellake Corner and weirShelstone TorSourton TorIce Factory – Sourton parking
Distance – 6 miles    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken – 4hrs  Highest Point – Sourton Tor 440metres
Weather – Mainly sunny with some cloud

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Blue sky and far reaching views as I set out from the car

I follow the West Devon Way to start with towards South Down, here looking to Yes Tor with a thin layer of cloud over the moors preventing the sun from shining on me.

The West Okement valley with Black Tor on the left of the valley and the bulky Corn Ridge on the other. I’m on South Down now

A bit further to the left is Yes Tor

Black Down to the right and the fields of Devon stretching away to the east on the left hand side

The sun came out at this point as I was descending South Down so I had a coffee with this view of the Meldon Dam and Reservoir

I decided to extend the walk a little by heading to Meldon Pool, which is here on the left, you also get a bonus view of the viaduct from here as well

Meldon Pool reflections

I’d crossed the bridge at this point and started walking back towards the dam

The low sun means the dam casts a long shadow down the valley. Here I’m stood next to the dam looking back to the viaduct

Meldon reservoir as I ascend Longstone Hill, South Down is on the other side of the reservoir, with Sourton Tor at the far end in the distance

Longstone Hill with a line up left to right of Rowtor, West Hill Tor and Yes Tor

Spinning around is Sourton Tor and the Corn Ridge (Branscombe’s Loaf)

I decided another coffee was in order accompanied by the Christmas cake we had left, it was as good as it looks

I contoured around between Longstone Hill (on the right on this photo) and Homerton Hill to the left. Meldon reservoir leads the eye to the fields beyond Okehampton

Homerton Hill looking up to Black Tor. At this point I decided against going up Yes Tor or Black Tor

Homerton Hill looking to Sourton Tor, which is on the agenda

Vellake Corner, you can see the weir and bridge from here

I’ve crossed the weir and stop here on the steep ascent to look up to Black Tor again

And back down to Vellake Corner and the weir. South Down at the back

Shelstone Tor in the sunshine

And a glorious view up the West Okement valley from here. Lints Tor at the far end, Black Tor left and the Slipper Stones right. Black-a-tor copse at the base of the valley

When I parked up I’d seen a guy get out of his van and take a large rucksack out and head off towards Sourton Tor. I’d wondered why he would want to camp at this time of year, however clearly this was him, parasailing around Branscombe’s Loaf and Sourton Tor!!

Heading for Sourton Tor now and looking back to Meldon Reservoir

A wow view from Sourton Tor

A fair bit of zoom picks out Brent Tor to the south

Great Links Tor is visible from here as well

Yes Tor up on the right, then West Mill Tor, Black Down behind Meldon Reservoir and South Down to the left of the water. Such great views from Sourton Tor

Descending back to the car you pass the Ice Factory. Yes Tor and High Willhays ridge form the backdrop. A great walk this one, not too boggy and a good one for this time of year.


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