Cramber Tor and South Hessary Tor

This walk was made to scout out a good camping spot for myself and my boys for a planned wildcamp in August. As it was I found a couple of spots that fitted the bill. The walk itself is one I’ve done before and a good one to take in the rarely visited Hart Tor and Cramber Tor on Walkhampton Common. The weather was good and it got pretty humid by 2pm as there was very little breeze. This walk also allows you to see the Devonport Leat at a few different spots, including Raddick Hill as it tumbles down the hillside.

Start – Burrator parking
Route – Devonport LeatBlack Tor(Walkhampton)Hart TorSouth Hessary Tor – Cramber Trig – Cramber TorCrazywell CrossCrazywell PoolLeather BridgeLeathertor FarmCross Gate Cross
Distance – 7 miles     Start time – 11.45am     Time taken – 4hrs   Highest Point – 450m South Hessary Tor
Weather – Some blue sky and feeling quite warm as there was no breeze

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Sheeps Tor rising over the trees as I leave Cross Gate

Looking the other way to Leather Tor, its a steep climb from here but I’m not going that way

Instead I’m following the Devonport Leat out to open moorland on Walkhampton Common

And here is the leat, that Black Tor on the hillside dead ahead

Out on to open moorland now and I look back to Sheeps Tor left then Leather Tor, with Sharpitor far right

Cramber Tor is back left as the leat tumbles down Raddick Hill opposite me

A couple of planes do a pass overhead

The Meavy valley as I reach Black Tor, the backdrop of Sheeps Tor, Leather Tor and Sharpitor

That’s Hart Tor down there, with South Hessary Tor on the horizon to the left of that. I’m heading that way next

One more look at that fabulous view along the valley from Black Tor

Now I’m on Hart Tor, looking up to South Hessary Tor

On the way up to South Hessary Tor, through some long grass. Looking back to Hart Tor and the tors around Burrator

On South Hessary Tor looking in the same direction

The main path back to Princetown, with North Hessary Tor and the mast towering above

Looking in the other direction towards Langworthy Hill. Nuns Cross Farm is in that direction along the path

Walking towards Cramber Tor now, I look back to South Hessary Tor plus all the tors of central Dartmoor

First up is Cramber Tor trig

Walking from the trig to Cramber Tor the area around Burrator reservoir opens up. A great view

On Cramber Tor now with Hart Tor below and North Hessary Tor at the back

Crazywell Cross and Burrator reservoir

Crazywell pool with Sharpitor the high point behind

Sheeps Tor to the left from a glorious gateway

Leather Tor Bridge

It was over the bridge then up to Leather Tor farm

Then the final short climb back up to Cross Gate, where I rejoined the Devonport Leat by the car

Cross Gate Cross with Burrator behind


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