Hare Tor, Great Links Tor and round to Great Nodden

Finally a good weather day, a Sunday with sun. I was up early and off to western Dartmoor where I arrived to a full car park behind the Dartmoor Inn (Lydford). A bit of squeezing got my car in and I was off. The plan was a pretty full circuit, from Hare Tor to the south up to Branscombe’s Loaf in  the north. As it was I got close to that but missed out the loop of Kitty Tor round to the Corn Ridge, another time for this part. As it was I got probably one of my best ever views from a summit. Now this type of view isn’t just relying on what you can see, but the weather when you get there. It is strange how difficult this can be. This time on Hare Tor I got that moment and one that I can only recall twice before when I’ve been on Dartmoor. First a fabulous sunset of Brent Tor (here) and another on Cosdon Hill (here). This view from Hare Tor had good light and shade, plenty to see, great clouds to the west in Cornwall and tors all around. I loved this walk, every step.

Start – Lydford parking
Route – Lydford Bridge and steps – Doetor BridgeDoe TorHare Tor – Sharp Tor – Chat Tor – Rattlebrook – Green Tor – Bleak House Lower Dunna Goat TorHigher Dunna Goat TorGreat Links TorLittle Links Tor – Rattlebrook railway – Gren TorLydda BridgeGreat Nodden – Nodden Gate – Lydford parking
Distance – 9 miles    Start time – 10.20am     Time taken –  5hrs 40mins   Highest Point – Great Links Tor 586 metres
Weather – Sunshine to start, high clouds in the middle and more cloud to finish. Brilliant day

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

The views to the tors are immediate here with the car park being on the moor. Left to right Arms Tor, Brat Tor, Sharp Tor and Hare Tor. I’m heading in the Hare Tor direction first

The River Lyd, the bridge and the stepping stones. That’s Great Nodden above the bridge on the photo. I’ll be there last.

After crossing the bridge I turned right to head towards Doe Tor. The view along the River Lyd as it heads towards Lydford Gorge.

To get to Doe Tor you first cross the Doetor Brook Bridge

Doetor Brook

Having struggled to get in the car park I could now see part of the issue. Or at least I could hear it clear as a bell. Centre right of photo you should be able to make out a large group of walkers on some sort of organised ramble. I could hear every word of the lady who was leading the walk, projection was not an issue!!

Doe Tor with Brat Tor to the right. This walk kind of circles both Brat Tor and Arms Tor

Fantastic views to Cornwall across the greens farm fields of West Devon

Cloud swirling around the hills in Cornwall, Kit Hill appears through a break in the clouds with Brent Tor the dark shapely hill to the right

Heading up to Hare Tor I look back towards Doe Tor (centre right)

It was glorious up here. The long distance views into central Dartmoor were excellent. Here Tavy Cleave Tor sits on the far left of the photo, the Tavy Cleave valley can be seen, the brown domed hill centre right holds Ger Tor which overlooks the cleave

A wow view into central Dartmoor. Fur Tor is centre shot with shadow across it

Hare Tor summit, looking to the next tor of Sharp Tor and Great Links Tor at the back

A short walk and I’m on Sharp Tor, the views don’t diminish here

Looking back to Hare Tor

Chat Tor is another short walk away but the views to Great Links Tor (to the left) remain

Chat Tor looking back to Hare Tor and Sharp Tor

A bit of zoom shows Cut Combe with the high point of Cut Hill above and Fur Tor to the right

Heading down to the Rattlebrook with Lower Dunna Goat on the left and Green Tor, my next target on the right hand side

The Rattlebrook

From Green Tor you get a lovely view to the northern end of Tavy Cleave

Swinging around you can see both Dunna Goat Tors with Great Links Tor peeking up to the right. Bleak House is down by the brook below

Bleak House

In bad weather the name of this old peat cutting house is probably very apt, however today with no wind or sound, other than the brook it was idyllic.

Fine views from Lower Dunna Goat along the Rattlebrook, with Hare Tor up on the right

Higher Dunna Goat to the right and Great Links Tor further on. Its no distance at all from here to the Higher one

Lower Dunna Goat from the Higher one, barely a pitching wedge from one to the other

The highest places of Dartmoor are visible from Higher Dunna Goat. Yes Tor back left and High Willhays to the right

Hare Tor again, this time as I walk to Great Links Tor

The vistas from Great Links Tor are amazing. This is a fair bit of zoom to pick out Plymouth Sound in the sunshine around 20 odd miles away

Fur Tor and Cut Hill

Kit Hill, just

Arms Tor from the trig on Great Links Tor

The tors in this area come thick and fast, another short walk brought me to Little Links Tor. Great Nodden is behind which will be my last tor however a direct assault in that direction involves crossing the River Lyd and then a lung busting slog up a very steep side. I’ll be heading out to the right of this photo to join the Rattlebrook railway

Arms Tor and Brat Tor from Little Links Tor

After a contour around I reached the Rattlebrook railway which will take me to Great Nodden

The Corn Ridge ahead, I don’t go quite that far before doubling back to the left

Beside the Rattlebrook railway path is Gren Tor, so I took a moment to admire the view westwards

The river Lyd in its early stages and the Lydda Bridge which takes the railway path across the river. Great Nodden above the bridge. Arms Tor to the left

Looping back along the bottom part of the railway path you get views down to Lake Viaduct

Great Nodden right and Arms Tor left, the river Lyd in the valley in between. You can see the steepness of the pull up to Great Nodden from here

Great Nodden cairn and Great Links Tor up to the left

Looking back with the Corn Ridge up to the right and Sourton Tor to the left of that

Dropping down off Great Nodden to see a view along the River Lyd

I’m at Nodden Gate now looking to Brat Tor, with Sharp Tor and Hare Tor to the right

Nearly back at the car and a final view to Brent Tor between two trees


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